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  • Developer: KingsIsle Entertainment
  • Genre: Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer, RPG
  • Version: Release
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Release Date Sep 2, 2008
Developer KingsIsle Entertainment
Publisher KingsIsle Entertainment
Genre Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer, RPG
Language English
System PC
Version Release


Wizard101 review: add a little magic into your life

Magic. Isn’t it something that fascinated you from the childhood? All these fairy tales and dreams about the existence of the other world where it is possible to change everything with the wag of a magic wand.

Wizard101 offers you a great opportunity to dive into a magic world and fulfill the dream of studying in the wizardry school.  

The game is perfect for both adults and kids, and let us explain why in the following Wizard101 review.

Why play?

In September 2018, Wizard101 celebrated its 10th anniversary with the package of birthday items for all of the players. A lot of new content appears in the game to make it even more interesting for those who believe in miracles and magic. The game returns renovated and even more engaging for players.

First of all, we need to say that it is family-friendly and kids-oriented game. Wizard101 connects families and gives a lot to discuss for kids with their parents, grandparents with grandkids, classmates with each other, and so on.

Wizard101 represents the MMO genre, and even the adult MMO players will find a game appealing. The eye-candy graphics and the intriguing plot are meant to make children become fans of this game.

Fun and appealing, this game about magic is going to capture the hearts and minds of many players of all ages.

Moreover, Wizard101 is a free game to download so don’t miss a chance to play it with a whole family and get lots of fun together. If you would like to expand the borders of your Wizard101 experience, you can always refer to the in-game purchases.

How to dive fast from the start?

You will start the game from creating your own character. Customize its appearance from scratch: the face, its expression, skin color, hair, a wizard hat, clothes, and even the shoes.

Then you are going to proceed to a kind of a quest where your little wizard selects his own element and the Magic School accordingly. Seven elements are corresponding to the schools to choose from. These are Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, Life, Death, and Balance. Get lost in conjecture which one select to study? We will give you a clue to make the right decision.

If you want to possess the power of burning everything on your path, do not hesitate with selecting the Fire Magic School. Ice is perfect for those who prefer precise damage using a cold. The Storm school attenders obtain the power to rule the winds. These three schools connected with natural elements are the most ancient and were started by the Titans who ruled the world the Days Before.  

The Myth School builds upon the power of myths to create illusions and riddles. The Life Magic School teaches students to acquire the power of healing and curing. The Death School, otherwise, studies taking life energy out of the enemies. The Myth, the Life, and the Death schools are all taking as a basis the powers of mind, body, and spirit and show the students the best ways to conduct them.

The Balance School of Magic represents a golden mean of all the schools named above. In this school, you will learn a little about each school and get the most harmonized balance of all the magical elements.

There is also the Astral School which is intended only for the most powerful wizards capable of acquiring the powers of Sun, Moon, and Stars. Here wizards can learn the mightiest spells to use in the supplement to the primary element.

The Teacher for every specialization can be found in Wizard City. All except for Milistar Drake, the master of death. So if you are going to attend the Death School, you need to look for the dark magician in the parallel worlds.

Only when your character proceeded in one of the elements’ magic enough, he can start studying in the Astral School.

What’s unique in Wizard101?

Wizard101 offers you an opportunity to play at one of 300 different locations and use one of the dozens of spells you’ve learned in the chosen magic school. Most of them will be needed in the combat. Take note, the more wizards you have beside your character, the more enemies will emerge to fight with you.

Yes, there will be fights with monsters, wizards duels, and violence as well. But don’t worry, these all is cartoonish and when the enemy is defeated he simply disappears.

Wizard101 has a developed PvP mode. Battles are going to take place on the special arenas and will be guided by the step-by-step mechanism. The most successful duelists will be rewarded with awards and bonuses. The outstanding fights give each player a raise to his rating.

You can also increase your rating by earning in-game Crowns. To get them, play various quests, fun quizzes, and get bonuses for inviting friends.

Wizard101 is going to please you with the Special Birthday Quest which guarantees to be a total surprise for players.

Also, enjoy playing with new decade pets. Except for the classic Piggle, Firecat, and Gargoyle, you are going to meet Vengeful Seraph, Bulwark. Pet Rescue, Pip Conserver, Pip Saver, Reinforce, and Steal Blade. Interacting with new pets is surely will bring you lots of fun.

Wizard101: how to become a magician?

Want to introduce your kids to the wonderful world of family-friendly MMO? Wizard101 is the answer. Want to have the most pleasant time colored with magic? The same - choose Wizard101 for playing.

Wizard101 is definitely one of those magic things to experience if you are not a skilled magician yet. But we promise, sooner or later with this game you can become the most powerful one.


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