About us

After you-know-what book, and then movie series, magic has become a fashion. Anything is better than being a muggle, so you need to find a slightest magic gift within. Luckily, you always have one, with games like Wizard101. Launched in 2008, it still accepts new students who seem to never graduate, as studying magic is fun. Not that it’s more fun than actually applying it. The matter is, Wizard101 students will apply it right from the start.

Wizard101 is a magic school that has found you. They have sent an owl (what did you think it would be?) to tell you that you’re invited. And after a bit of conversations you start learning skills. Get yourself the appearance and the name you’d like as your magical alias. Collect spell cards and apply them on the opponents, as duels and attacks are an inevitable part of magic school life.

In this magic academy you’d like to spend more and more hours, as the game has never been really abandoned. The years it has lived (and it is certain to go on) prove that the tradition is far from being forgotten.

So, what we love about this game?

·         Magic. Loads of it! Even in the first fights we can evaluate the richness of the developers’ fantasy.

·         Graphics. Not so stunning as it looked back in 2008, but still, it’s good like colorful illustration in an old printed book.

·         Action. It starts immediately, and you don’t have to go through a long learning period. Your tutor teaches you all you need right at your clash, and it fascinates.

You’re never too grown to let that shining in, and then out. So show it to everybody! Keep this magic in, so years have less power over you. And Wizard101 is a great reminder of that. And, as for its developers, they are definitely first rate magicians.

There’s much more in common with offline life than one might think. Magic is the law that we establish. If we are set to upgrade and progress, to win and recover, we will. So believing in magic is not the worst idea.

And if you’re ready to show it off, we’ve got some mage-net-ized items in store.