Wizard101 empyrea storm titan boss guide Recently, Wizard101 has launched a challenging “next-to-final” boss at the end of Empyrea: The Storm Titan. To learn more, look at Cody’s Storm Titan guide, which provides a great battle overview, cheats, and strategy tips. In this article, we’ll talk more about some specific strategies and schools to win the battle. Empyrea storm titan boss guide: strategy tips Aim: Do at least 40,000 damage to the Storm Titan three times to win this fight. Completing: The most effective method is to hit him with a Damage over Time (DoT) spell that does over 40,000 every time you use it. This will beat the Storm Titan just in 3 rounds. But, be ready to have to deal with his sneaky minions that show up after the first DoT. A Storm wizard is ideal for this role, as they only need 2 blades on a Sirens or Glowbug Squall to take them all out. To withstand and succeed in this fight you’ll probably need some more defense. Since Boss cheats can cause enough damage to dispatch some wizards with only one hit, you need to have a well-equipped and coordinated team. Team up with the best In this fight, you can win with almost any combination of schools. All schools have access to a DoT spell that can be buffed to 40k of damage each round. The strongest for each school are: Death: Epic Skeletal Dragon (320 per tick) Fire: Epic Heckhound (~600 per tick) Ice: Epic Snow Angel (270 per tick) Life: Epic Spinysaur (300 per tick) Myth: Epic King Artorius (390 per tick) Storm: Thunderstorm item card from Rain Core pet (400 per tick) Every school can help the hitter effectively.  If you don’t have a Death (with Dark Pact) or Balance (with Balanceblade and/or Bladestorm) on your team, you still can stack enough buffs for the big hit. It will take a few easy-to-get Treasure Cards, several available amulets, and pets. From a defensive point of view, there are two schools that can be used the most effectively : Death wizards can be the most helpful, since they are the only ones that can cast Indemnity Juju. Ice wizards can be helpful with Legion Shield and their high health Who are my teammates? It’s necessary to have at least two hitters: The first hitter focuses on doing a DoT hit of more than 40,000 damage per hit The other hitter is tasked with taking out the minions (ideally the first turn they show up after the Storm Titan goes back to full health). The other wizards can play support roles: provide damage reduction, healing, and buffs.  Any wizard with Pigsie and a Life Mastery amulet can be an effective healer. Required support wizard resist Ideally your support wizards would have 60 or more resist: Hat: Immortal Champion’s Helm giving 17 resist (17 cumulative) Robe: Krokopatra Royal Cloak giving 18 resist (35 cumulative) Boots: Bonesmasher Rattled Shoes giving 13 resist (48 cumulative) Amulet: Rasputin giving 6 resist (54 cumulative) Proof talent on pet: 10 resist (64 cumulative) Defy talent on pet: 5 resist (69 cumulative) Pump your hitter It’s much more efficient to cast one DoT that does 40,000 per tick rather than doing 40,000 of damage on three separate hits.  To achieve this, you have to boost up your hitter. You can do it with plenty of options: School blades (regular, sharp, item, item sharp, pet, pet sharp, TC, TC sharp) Elemental or Spirit blades (regular, sharp, item, item sharp, pet, pet sharp, TC, TC sharp) Dark Pact (regular, sharp, item sharp, pet sharp, TC sharp if you have a Death wizard; otherwise item, pet, TC) Balanceblade (regular, sharp, item sharp, pet sharp, TC sharp if you have a Balance wizards; otherwise item, pet, TC) Bladestorm (regular, sharp, item sharp, pet sharp, TC sharp if you have a Balance wizards; otherwise item, pet, TC) Damage aura We also highly recommend using a prism beforehand and each round after the hit, since his Storm resist in 70%. Required hitter resist Your hitters should have at least 45 global resist and maintain a high damage boost: Hat: Darkmoor or Krok Exalted hat giving 10+ resist (10+ cumulative) Robe: Darkmoor or Rattlebones Exalted robe giving 14+ resist (24+ cumulative) Boots: Ideally pack boots like Professor or Ghulture, otherwise Cabalist or Crafted giving 5+ resist (29+ cumulative) Amulet: Rasputin, Upper Halls Shane, or Morganthe amulet giving 3+ resist (32+ cumulative) Proof talent on pet: 10 resist (42+ cumulative) Defy talent on pet: 5 resist (47+ cumulative) We hope that this guide will help you to succeed and become the greatest wizard! If we missed something, or you have tips to offer, feel free to contact us!   Continue Reading Wizard city main quest line Guide Wizard City has more than 30 quests to complete. There are 8 bosses, 5 mobs and 9 Defeat and Collect quests among them. In this wizard quest guide, we only listed the main line quests, as-known-as storyline quests. Follow the guide to learn about types of main quests and why you should not skip side ones. Wizard city quest: where to start The next quest becomes available only when you’ve done the previous one. But, it provides three areas that you can go through in whichever order you like: Triton Avenue, Firecat Alley, and Cyclops Lane. The quests can be different by the action they require from a player, so, you should plan your resources to be ready for coming quests. We divided quests into the following groups: Talk: Quests that require interaction with an NPC. Mob: Quests that require the defeat of regular monsters. D&C: Quests that require the collection of something from certain monsters (Defeat and Collect). Boss: Quests that require the defeat of a boss. Elite monsters are not counted as bosses. Cheat: Quests the require the defeat of a cheating boss. Instance: Quests that require the completion of a dungeon. Puzzle: Quests that require the solution to a puzzle. Interact: Quests that require interaction with a certain object. Collect: Quests that require interaction with multiple items of a kind. Explore: Quests that just require you to run towards a certain area, NPC or item. Instructions For newbies, we recommend starting with Unicorn Way. You can open it by getting approval from the Headmaster. Once it’s open, start by talking to the guard which should the first thing you might see. After that, keep going doing missions to collect resources. Soon after,  you will get missions for Firecat Alley, Cyclops Lane, and Triton Avenue. If you don’t have a subscription, you should better do the only Triton Avenue. Players with membership can go in such order: Accomplish Triton Avenue (because it’s the easiest), Go through Cyclops Lane; Spend your max power in Firecat Alley to get even more. This will boost your level up. Then you can go through Colossus Boulevard, which will get your level even more up. Be ready for a two-people attack. You might need a friend to go through this particular zone unless you’re sure you can make it on your own. After that you should return to Triton Avenue and talk to the guy in between teleporters to the Kraken. He will send you to Crab Alley. After that, you will get access to the Olde Town. Once you have accomplished all of this, you should have the ability to do Krokotopia. Now, let’s sum up all these instructions. There are different parts of the quest in brackets because sometimes a quest will require you to do multiple things. Unicorn Way Unicorn’s Folly (talk) Ghost Hunters (mob + talk + talk) Fairies Wear Boots (mob + talk) They’re Not Bad… (D&C + talk) Finding Out Why (D&C + talk) Freedom! (collect + talk) Sinister Skeleton (talk) Stop the Maker (boss + talk) Rattlebones Report (talk) Enrollment (talk 8x) Sergeant’s Orders (talk) Olde News (boss + talk) Cyclops Lane (interchangeable with Firecat Alley and Triton Avenue) A Giant Problem (talk) The Dark Cave (D&C + talk) Taken (D&C + talk) An Important Note (talk 5x) He’ll Let Us Pass (D&C + talk) General Akilles (talk + boss + interact + talk) Rescue Report (talk) Firecat Alley (interchangeable with Cyclops Lane and Triton Avenue) Putting Out Fires (talk) Investigate Alley (explore + talk) Point Taken (D&C + talk) Dire News (talk + D&C + talk + talk) Hair Stylin’ (boss + talk + talk) Administer Cure (mob + boss + talk 3x) Danger, Danger! (talk) Triton Avenue (interchangeable with Cyclops Lane and Firecat Alley) Triton Avenue (talk) In Search of Arthur (explore + talk + talk) Something Rotten (mob + mob + talk + talk) Strange Bedfellows (D&C + talk) By the Old Mill (talk) Got a Light? (collect + talk) Crystal Clear (talk) Who’s in Charge? (D&C + talk + talk) Bitter Harvest (boss + talk) Triton Report (talk) Olde Town (after doing Cyclops Lane + Triton Avenue + Firecat Alley) A Look of Horror (boss + talk) The Dark of Nightshade (boss + talk) The Sixth School (explore + talk + talk) Don’t skip the side quests In Wizard City, you have all possibilities to level up pretty quickly and get new spells or training points more often than at any other point in the game. You can both do it by going only through the main quest line or include sides. But, if you don’t do any side quests, you’ll soon find out that you don’t have enough resources. If you want to have the level to be able to equip any of the gear available through vendors or crafting on the world you’re working on, then you should do all available quests. There’s actually nothing you win or lose by the doing or not doing of side quests.  For those, who just want to level up faster, there are the main quests. That’s an advantage if you want to complete the game ASAP. But you wouldn’t get rewards for just getting through. If you want to be better armed, have more health, use more spells, get more training points and just to have more fun, than just enjoy the game. Remember that it’s all about a good time. Congratulations! You’ve done the basic wizardry training and now ready to become the best one! Good luck, wizard!   Continue Reading Get Wizard101 Game Cheats On this page, you will find cheats and tips for Wizard101 game. Our cheats include how to get more money, how to get free dragon pets and other items. Get the latest hints, tricks, and hacks to enjoy the game and have more fun! Wizard101 game cheat codes: how to use To use game cheats for Wizard101 you have to be logged in on the wizard101.com. Once you’ve logged, apply the codes from the guide below. All cheat codes can be used only one time, so make sure you do everything properly. Free game cheat codes for Wizard101 To get a dragon pet, follow this guide: Go to wizard101.com and log in; Find the redeem card or code and click; Scroll down and enter summerdragon Congrats! Now you have a new dragon pet. If you need more money, do the same actions and type frog. It will give you 500 of gold. You can get a free necklace with codes wizard/spell/gamma. To unlock housing items, use such cheat codes as land, castle or house. Remember that codes don’t work twice. Cheats and hints for Wizard101 Besides game cheat codes, we also have some hints and tricks for you. These can be useful to get more experience, more money, make treasure cards, get cheaper pigglets or free piggle. How to get experience easy This is really a great way to increase your level in Wizard101. Get a higher level friend that is at least In Mooshu (Fourth World) and has completed Crimson Fields. Make the friend enter the quests first, then port to him. After finishing the quests your level will increase. Getting treasure cards Treasure cards can be found simply. To gain them, follow these steps: Go to the library; Find and buy Tough or Keen Eyes treasure cards; Add them to your spell deck; Get in a battle (Lost Souls in Unicorn Way recommended because of the easy difficulty); Right Click a weak card on your deck; Press the "Draw" button. Click on the Tough or Keen Eyes treasure card Get your strongest treasure card. Cheaper pigglets Usually, a piggle will cost you 890 gold. But, if you change the color to all yellow, it will cost only 309 gold. Buy a piglet and after that, you can use the paint shop to customize it. Get a free piggle On Wizard101 you can get a free piggle at ease. To complete that, first, finish triton avenue and talk to Headmaster Ambrose. He'll give you a mission. Now, go to pet pavilion and finish the quest. After that, the piggle pet is yours. Easy methods to get gold There are many ways to get gold in the game, but these are definitely the easiest. First of all, fight a boss like the Kraken and beat him a whole lot of times. After that, you will probably have a bunch of "crap" from him. You can sell it all at the Bazaar. Also, use the fishing feature. You can fish for about 8 times or more. Fish as much as you can and then sell it to Lucky Fishline. Both these methods will bring you at least 1000 gold. Other useful tricks for Wizard101 This section can be used by iOS owners. If you have an Apple gadget, go to the App Store and download Grub Guardians and Wizard Blox. These games are attached to Wizard101 games. Play the games and get a free code in the end. Don’t forget to log in to your Wizard101 account, so it can send your reward. Grub Guardians can bring you a free piggle, pet food or coins. By playing Wizard blox you get money, pet food, and seeds. Now, with Wizard101 game cheat codes and hints, you can enjoy the game in its full intensity! Please, tell us if some tricks or codes don’t work. We’ll try our best to help you!   Continue Reading Buy wizard101 game cards Wondering where to buy Wizard101 game cards? They’re available in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Mexico stores. You can also find some of them online and buy in a few clicks. Follow the article to get more information about particular locations and online shops! Wizard101 game cards features There are a lot of types of game cards. Each of them provides different functions and rewards. Prepaid game cards cannot be combined for larger purchases and cannot be used to unlock Open Chat. Each Wizard101 game card provides a Free Pet. These pets change every month. The pet you can get depends on when you redeem the card, not when you purchased it the card.  Don’t be hurry with redeeming the card. After being purchased and activated in the store, prepaid game cards can be redeemed in Wizard101 at a later time. $10 USA and Canada cards can be redeemed for 1 month of Prepaid time or 5000 Crowns. $15 Australia cards can be redeemed for 1 month of Prepaid time or 5000 Crowns. $15 New Zealand cards can be redeemed for 1 month of Prepaid time or 5000 Crowns. $20 USA and Canada cards can be redeemed for two consecutive months of Prepaid time on the same account or 10000 Crowns. Find the available types of Wizard101 game cards on https://www.wizard101.com/game/prepaid-card . Where to buy Wizard101 game cards The cards are available in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Mexico stores. They can be divided into two groups: In-shop purchase Online purchase In-shop available cards can be found in Walmart, Kroger, Target, GameStop. Availability and shops depend also on the country where you want to buy a card. There are also international cards that are available in all the mentioned countries. Where I can buy Wizard101 game card in my country Get the information about In-shop purchase cards this way: Go to the https://www.wizard101.com/game/prepaid-card Click on the needed flag Find a list of shops where you can find game cards To find online available cards, scroll down to “Online Prepaid Card Bundles” section. This algorithm works for all countries referred. Other ways to buy prepaid game cards for Wizard101 Game cards can be also found on Amazon.com or eBay. This can be useful for those players, who live in Europe or other countries. These sites provide lots of card offers, so you will probably find the one you need. Don’t forget to create an account before searching, it will make your purchasing process more comfortable. Having issues with buying or redeeming game cards? Please, let us know by clicking “Contact” section on the website. We promise to do our best to help!   Continue Reading How to Level Up Fast in Wizard101 2019 Want to become a great Wizard of Wizard101 game? The high-leveled Wizards receive all the best equipment and can participate in the upper-tier Player vs Player (PvP) matches. The walkway to the upper levels may seem like a long one, but by completing quests, you can become a powerful wizard in no time. Wizard101 guide to leveling The game provides all possible opportunities to gain XP points as fast as it’s possible. Just use our guide to get the highest level in game. Go through all the beginner quests. Quests are the fastest way to gain experience, so having access to these is necessary for leveling up. Complete every available starting quest in Wizard City. This will bring you at least at Level 9. Finishing these quests will also give you a lot of proper starting gear and a fair amount of money. Get yourself a subscription. You won't have access to the majority of the quests in the game without purchasing Crowns or a membership. You can use Crowns to access previously-locked areas, while a membership opens everything up to you. Make sure that you achieved everything in Cyclops Lane, Firecat Alley, Colossus Boulevard, and the Sunken City. These areas in Wizard City are only accessible by purchasing a membership or paying with Crowns. Complete every quest in each world. Most players recommend to go through worlds in the following order: Wizard City Krokotopia Marleybone MooShu Dragonspyre Celestia Grizzleheim & Wintertusk Wysteria Zafaria Avalon Azteca Aquila Khrysalis Four Dungeons Polaris Mirage Empyrea Try to skip sidequests in Wizard City and Krokotopia. They don't give out enough points to make them worth your time. All other worlds sidequests should be completed. Do the Prospector Zeke quests. Prospector Zeke is located in the central hub of each world, and his quests are some of the most advantageous in the game. You will get training points, which is fundamental for building a good deck. Ensure that you speak to Zeke when you first arrive at any world, as you will be coming across the things he needs at each place you visit. Spend more Pips on attacks. The amount of points you earn depends on the number of Pips you use: 0 Pips - 3 XP 1 Pip - 3 XP 2 Pips - 6 XP 3 Pips - 9 XP 4 Pips - 12 XP You also gain XP points if your spell failed. Get in dungeons. Some of the best dungeons are Labyrinth, Crimson Fields, and the Tree of Life. You can only go through each dungeon twice. You will get full experience the first time and 50% experience the second time. After that, you will no longer gain experience from that dungeon. When you go to a tower or dungeon, make sure that you get to attack first. These attacks also bring you necessary level points. If you don't get the first attack, press Esc button to leave the dungeon. It won’t take points from you, so you can try again. Discover if you can team up with some high-level wizards. They can teleport you to one of the later dungeons. You don’t even need to participate in the battles, but you will still gain all of the possible experience. This method can help you to go from level 1 to level 18 in just a few minutes. Okay, now you’re ready to start the way of becoming the great wizard! But, let’s recollect everything you’ve learned before. Go through ALL basic quests; Get subscription; Complete all quests in all worlds; Don’t ignore Prospector Zeke; Spend Pips for getting points; Go in dungeons. Congratulations! You’ve completed the guide study successfully! Now, hurry up to the game and do your best to be the best.   Continue Reading