Get Wizard101 Game Cheats

On this page, you will find cheats and tips for Wizard101 game. Our cheats include how to get more money, how to get free dragon pets and other items. Get the latest hints, tricks, and hacks to enjoy the game and have more fun!

Wizard101 game cheat codes: how to use

To use game cheats for Wizard101 you have to be logged in on the wizard101.com. Once you’ve logged, apply the codes from the guide below. All cheat codes can be used only one time, so make sure you do everything properly.

Free game cheat codes for Wizard101

To get a dragon pet, follow this guide:

  1. Go to wizard101.com and log in;

  2. Find the redeem card or code and click;

  3. Scroll down and enter summerdragon

Congrats! Now you have a new dragon pet.

If you need more money, do the same actions and type frog. It will give you 500 of gold.

You can get a free necklace with codes wizard/spell/gamma. To unlock housing items, use such cheat codes as land, castle or house.

Remember that codes don’t work twice.

Cheats and hints for Wizard101

Besides game cheat codes, we also have some hints and tricks for you. These can be useful to get more experience, more money, make treasure cards, get cheaper pigglets or free piggle.

How to get experience easy

This is really a great way to increase your level in Wizard101.

Get a higher level friend that is at least In Mooshu (Fourth World) and has completed Crimson Fields. Make the friend enter the quests first, then port to him. After finishing the quests your level will increase.

Getting treasure cards

Treasure cards can be found simply. To gain them, follow these steps:

  • Go to the library;

  • Find and buy Tough or Keen Eyes treasure cards;

  • Add them to your spell deck;

  • Get in a battle (Lost Souls in Unicorn Way recommended because of the easy difficulty);

  • Right Click a weak card on your deck;

  • Press the "Draw" button.

  • Click on the Tough or Keen Eyes treasure card

  • Get your strongest treasure card.

Cheaper pigglets

Usually, a piggle will cost you 890 gold. But, if you change the color to all yellow, it will cost only 309 gold. Buy a piglet and after that, you can use the paint shop to customize it.

Get a free piggle

On Wizard101 you can get a free piggle at ease. To complete that, first, finish triton avenue and talk to Headmaster Ambrose. He'll give you a mission. Now, go to pet pavilion and finish the quest. After that, the piggle pet is yours.

Easy methods to get gold

There are many ways to get gold in the game, but these are definitely the easiest.

First of all, fight a boss like the Kraken and beat him a whole lot of times. After that, you will probably have a bunch of "crap" from him. You can sell it all at the Bazaar.

Also, use the fishing feature. You can fish for about 8 times or more. Fish as much as you can and then sell it to Lucky Fishline.

Both these methods will bring you at least 1000 gold.

Other useful tricks for Wizard101

This section can be used by iOS owners. If you have an Apple gadget, go to the App Store and download Grub Guardians and Wizard Blox. These games are attached to Wizard101 games. Play the games and get a free code in the end. Don’t forget to log in to your Wizard101 account, so it can send your reward. Grub Guardians can bring you a free piggle, pet food or coins. By playing Wizard blox you get money, pet food, and seeds.

Now, with Wizard101 game cheat codes and hints, you can enjoy the game in its full intensity!

Please, tell us if some tricks or codes don’t work. We’ll try our best to help you!