How to Level Up Fast in Wizard101 2019

How to Level Up Fast in Wizard101 2019

Want to become a great Wizard of Wizard101 game? The high-leveled Wizards receive all the best equipment and can participate in the upper-tier Player vs Player (PvP) matches. The walkway to the upper levels may seem like a long one, but by completing quests, you can become a powerful wizard in no time.

Wizard101 guide to leveling

The game provides all possible opportunities to gain XP points as fast as it’s possible. Just use our guide to get the highest level in game.

  1. Go through all the beginner quests.

Quests are the fastest way to gain experience, so having access to these is necessary for leveling up. Complete every available starting quest in Wizard City. This will bring you at least at Level 9. Finishing these quests will also give you a lot of proper starting gear and a fair amount of money.

  1. Get yourself a subscription.

You won't have access to the majority of the quests in the game without purchasing Crowns or a membership. You can use Crowns to access previously-locked areas, while a membership opens everything up to you. Make sure that you achieved everything in Cyclops Lane, Firecat Alley, Colossus Boulevard, and the Sunken City. These areas in Wizard City are only accessible by purchasing a membership or paying with Crowns.

  1. Complete every quest in each world.

Most players recommend to go through worlds in the following order:

  • Wizard City

  • Krokotopia

  • Marleybone

  • MooShu

  • Dragonspyre

  • Celestia

  • Grizzleheim & Wintertusk

  • Wysteria

  • Zafaria

  • Avalon

  • Azteca

  • Aquila

  • Khrysalis

  • Four Dungeons

  • Polaris

  • Mirage

  • Empyrea

Try to skip sidequests in Wizard City and Krokotopia. They don't give out enough points to make them worth your time. All other worlds sidequests should be completed.

  1. Do the Prospector Zeke quests.

Prospector Zeke is located in the central hub of each world, and his quests are some of the most advantageous in the game. You will get training points, which is fundamental for building a good deck. Ensure that you speak to Zeke when you first arrive at any world, as you will be coming across the things he needs at each place you visit.

  1. Spend more Pips on attacks.

The amount of points you earn depends on the number of Pips you use:

  • 0 Pips - 3 XP

  • 1 Pip - 3 XP

  • 2 Pips - 6 XP

  • 3 Pips - 9 XP

  • 4 Pips - 12 XP

You also gain XP points if your spell failed.

  1. Get in dungeons.

Some of the best dungeons are Labyrinth, Crimson Fields, and the Tree of Life.

You can only go through each dungeon twice. You will get full experience the first time and 50% experience the second time. After that, you will no longer gain experience from that dungeon. When you go to a tower or dungeon, make sure that you get to attack first. These attacks also bring you necessary level points. If you don't get the first attack, press Esc button to leave the dungeon. It won’t take points from you, so you can try again.

Discover if you can team up with some high-level wizards. They can teleport you to one of the later dungeons. You don’t even need to participate in the battles, but you will still gain all of the possible experience. This method can help you to go from level 1 to level 18 in just a few minutes.

Okay, now you’re ready to start the way of becoming the great wizard! But, let’s recollect everything you’ve learned before.

  • Go through ALL basic quests;

  • Get subscription;

  • Complete all quests in all worlds;

  • Don’t ignore Prospector Zeke;

  • Spend Pips for getting points;

  • Go in dungeons.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the guide study successfully!

Now, hurry up to the game and do your best to be the best.