So if you have mastered so many battle spells, you’ll probably want to show it, so you won’t have to actually use them? We have developed some magic wear for you, with charms inside.

It would be too defying to wear gowns and old-school hats today. So we have prepared a new school magic wear:

·         Wizard101 caps. Not making you invisible (the next generation will probably have this feature). But it keeps the spells in your head always active.

·         Wizard101 T-shirts. Protecting from evil eyes, enviers, and haters. Empowering you with demonstrating that you belong to a magician community.

·         Wizard101 sweatshirts. Providing you with heart warmth and helping to recover your mana quicker.

If you have any of these on, the enemies will avoid magic clashes with you, as they won’t know what spell cards you have, but they’ll be sure that you have some. And what for friends, they will see you’re one of them and know what to talk to you about. The unaware ones will just see a good piece of clothing decorated with some game attributes.

Alas, we cannot afford to feed enough owls to send them to anyone who’d like to know about the prices and the sizes. But you can just email us, ask about size, price and availability.


Send us an email

Send us an email